Help Build Features for our 352,000 Users

Hi! Xander here. I'm a former Product Designer at Google where I worked on the Gmail team. Today I'm a design consultant and volunteer some of my time to design Read Scripture. 

ReadScripture is a small team of volunteers in San Francisco, Australia, Thailand, and Oregon. Our goal was to help people spend more time alone with God and his Word. One of the the biggest barriers? People not understanding the Bible. We work closely with The Bible Project to deliver their awesome videos in context of scripture. It's a volunteer project under the umbrella of Francis Chan projects as part of Crazy Love Ministries. All of us work on this because we realize the impact technology can have in spreading and sharing the gospel. We want to use our works skills to help do that. 

By the way... It's working! 

We currently have 335,000 users, but our daily active numbers are what's really awesome... We have 95,743 30DAU and 19,282 1DAU. Almost 20,000 people use this app everyday. We get feedback that this app changes peoples lives almost weekly. 

The app is built using React Native so we have less to maintain across platforms. It's been surprisingly great to work on. Our lead engineer is getting married and is super busy, so we're looking for a dedicated React Native developer to work with us. Our designers are top-tier so it's an opportunity to build something beautiful and impactful.  

If you're interested in working with us, please email me at